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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can present a wide range of symptoms from the debilitating to the subtle. People may experience dramatic losses in cognitive ability, emotional stability and overall ability to function. Other people may not be able to immediately recognize the impact their injuries are having on them because they are more subtle. For those people, loved ones may be the first to notice the changes.

Even for those who have experienced more minor changes to their abilities and personality, everyone who has been impacted by a TBI is suffering and deserves help.

Any type of accident can lead to a TBI, including:

Helping Ensure You Have What You Need For An Uncertain Future

The changes caused by a TBI can impact people’s ability to work, their social lives, the lives of their loved ones and their relationships. These changes may improve over time or they may not. Through the use of doctors, vocational experts and economists, we can help ensure that there is an accurate assessment of your medical and financial needs now and going into the future.

More Than 40 Years Of Combined Experience

At Nelson & Rozier, we understand the impact a TBI can have. From the most severe cases to the most subtle, a TBI can permanently change every aspect of a person’s life. Our firm has decades of combined personal injury experience that we utilize to help those who have suffered a TBI and their loved ones. Our extensive litigation experience means that we understand what it takes to win at trial. That experience includes having defended insurance companies against claims in the past. That knowledge of how insurance companies approach and value these types of cases helps us build a strategy that is tailored to create the best results for you.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Attorneys Serving Visalia And Throughout California’s Central Valley

Nelson & Rozier, offers highly effective personal injury representation to those who have suffered a TBI. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 559-713-0159 or contact us online.

We only collect attorney’s fees and costs if we secure compensation for you.


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