Skilled Legal Help After A Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collisions are generally some of the hardest types of accidents to avoid. Many people do not see the other car coming until it is too late. Even if you see the other driver coming, you may be boxed in at an intersection with no way to move out of the way and protect yourself.

Rear-end collisions can cause very serious injuries such as:

Report All Symptoms To Your Doctor

Injuries like whiplash and other soft tissue injuries are often not fully felt until days or weeks after the accident. What may feel like a minor pain or discomfort at first can grow into a very serious matter that requires care. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, people may not report all of the pain and discomfort they are feeling.

Too many people think that experiencing some pain and discomfort is normal after an accident. While this is true, you still need to report all of your symptoms to your physician. Failing to do so right away can give an insurance company grounds to argue that it does not need to compensate you because your injury was not caused by the accident.

More Than 40 Years Of Combined Experience

At Nelson & Rozier, our attorneys have decades of combined personal injury experience that we use to craft the most effective cases. Our experience includes having defended insurance companies against personal injury claims in the past. That experience gives us an insider’s perspective as to how the insurance companies approach and act on injury claims.

As proving who is at fault in these cases is often very straightforward, the main question is one of what are appropriate damages. We will develop a picture of what you need to cover the losses you have already had such as medical bills and lost wages, as well as any medical needs in the future.

Rear-End Collision Attorneys Serving Visalia And Throughout California’s Central Valley

Nelson & Rozier, is dedicated to helping people secure the full compensation they deserve after being injured in an accident. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 559-713-0159 or contact us online.

We only collect attorney’s fees and costs if we secure compensation for you.


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