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Elder abuse claims under California and federal law include the right to recover for pre-death pain and suffering, punitive damages, medical expenses, wrongful death damages and several types of financial penalties. The rules and procedures protect victims through a variety of enhanced remedies. Most claims against nursing homes in California begin with a complaint to the Department of Health Care Services which regulates care centers. They often assess stiff penalties for mistreatment and their investigation files are priceless. However, their investigation may linger for months or even years. Obtaining the services of an attorney at an early stage can assist the state to come to a correct result and prod them to a more timely result.

Nursing home failures include inadequate wound care, elopements or escapes from a facility, brutal or assaultive conduct, poor nutrition, and any other aspect of care which falls below a safe standard and which causes harm.

Cases handled by our office include:

  • The escape of a 91-year-old gentleman from an Alzheimer care unit whereupon he fell down a ravine and fractured his neck. We were able to demonstrate that his security bracelet failed to activate due to an expired battery. A large settlement resulted.
  • A wheelchair-bound woman was sent to the doctor’s office unescorted. She fell and broke a hip. After surgery, she was returned to the nursing home and contrary to her physician’s orders, her wound was not checked for infection through proper blood work. She expired after a lengthy hospitalization.
  • A wheelchair-bound woman was improperly restrained and abandoned. She slid down her chair and strangled. Her care provider was sentenced to prison.
  • A two-month-old infant in child care was delivered home in a lifeless state. The state of California has filed a complaint seeking to remove the license of the care provider. Day care or child care cases often involve baby shaking injuries, neglect or drownings.

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